PatrolSim simulatorPatrolSim

MPRI, an L-3 division is a leader in driver simulation technology products, services and training capabilities.  MPRI’s PatrolSim simulator can virtually put your driving force in the action before they hit the streets. Officers will practice decision driving tactics in a variety of situations including: heavy traffic, multi-tasking and pedestrian distraction. Vehicle handling skills including J-turns, skid pad training cone course and light course can be evaluated. The PatrolSim can be combined with a use-of-force firearms training system for a complete drive and shoot training solution. The risks are simulated. The benefits are real.  

FireSim simulatorFireSim

MPRI’s FireSim driving simulator provides high fidelity real-world driving environments that give you the ability to train for any type of medical, fire or haz-mat response situation. Train drivers to anticipate hazards with emergency response techniques for all types of driving situation. Practice collision-avoidance techniques while driving to the scene of a fire. Realistic graphics to teach scene size-up and staging of apparatus. The risks are simulated. The benefits are real.