FireManagement was founded in early 2003 to respond to a need of Fire Service and Emergency Medical Service Coordinators by creating an effective and efficient way of managing their data as well as introducing a new way of collecting it.... by the internet.  Our MISSION explains our position and philosophies: To provide you with the tools to meet the demands of today, by creating a personalized product that will save you time and money, while producing the results your senior administrators want, through Innovation, Technology and Continued Support.  Since the beginning, FireManagement and its partners have helped several companies and organizations learn the value of collecting data electronically.

City of Windsor's Mayor Eddie Francis states, "your combination of ingenuity, computer skills and dedication...with your development of Company illustrates your concern for the improved co-ordination of our Fire, Rescue and Emergency Medical Services, and the instant communications which are so important to them".

Each FireManagement
product reflects our commitment to deliver the results you need for everyday business with doing less. Our highly motivated staff has a broad base of experience in a number of area's both in the working field and on the technical side.  This experience base allows FireManagement to transform the most challenging requirements into highly reliable data capture solutions that provide exceptional value to our customers.

FireManagement has established an outstanding reputation for superior customer service. We use QuickBase Intuit Technologies to sort and store all of our data which is all internet based for easy access and use.  Our thorough quality control procedures and rigid control standards assure consistent, high quality products that provide years of reliable service.   FireManagement is based out of the Southwestern Ontario region but are available to any customers throughout the world.   

At FireManagement
, our #1 goal is a satisfied customer - always. That’s why we stick to basics when it comes to providing customer service and technical support to our customers. When contacting FireManagement, our customers can expect us to listen and quickly respond to any requirement. Our customer service and technical support teams are trained and committed to providing quick service and support to our customers.

With our wide variety of experience in providing innovative, high performance data capture product, problem solving solutions and practical experience, FireManagement
remains committed to growth strategies and new product development that will allow the company to continue to serve its customers, employees, community, and industry - for many years to come.


Program  Director
Thomas F. Lynk EMT, EMT-P, A-EMCA, PCP

  • ACLS & PALS Instructor - American Safety & Health Institute
  • Emergency Care Instructor - National Safety Council
  • 2004 Base Hospital Physician Award for Excellence in Pre-hospital Care
  • New York State EMT-Paramedic
  • Michigan State EMT
  • Texas State EMT
  • Ontario A-EMCA (Paramedic)
  • Heart & Stroke Foundation CPR Instructor
  • Former Ontario Flight Paramedic
  • Former Volunteer Fire Fighter
  • Former Essex-Kent Provincial Base Hospital Program Manager
  • Member of the Canadian Paramedic Association
  • Member of the Ontario Paramedic Association
  • Founder
  • Founder
  • Founder
  • Founder
  • Recipient of Erie Community College’s Thomas J. Murty Patient Care Award
  • St. John Ambulance/Ontario Provincial Police Meritorious Award
  • Recorded in the Official Records of the Priory of Canada in March 1998 for Patient Care
  • Recipient of the 1992 International Rescue and Emergency Care Presidential Merit Award.
  • Past Chapter President of the Heart & Stroke Foundation
  • Founding member of the Paralegal Society of Canada
  • Several reported law cases as a Practicing Paralegal
  • Former Ambulance Owner/Operator




Darren Allan EMT


  • Active Volunteer Firefighter
  • Queens Golden Jubilee Medal Recipient for Public Education and Community Service
  • St Johns Ambulance First Aid Instructor
  • CPR Instructor
  • Ministry Of Health Emergency Services Tired Response
  • Emergency Medical First Responder
  • Hazardous Materials Response Technician
  • Hazardous Materials Awareness
  • Firefighting & Hazardous Materials
  • Terrorism Awareness
  • Fire cause and Determination
  • Advanced Interior Structural Firefighting
  • Auto extrication
  • Bus and Motor Coach Extrication
  • Officer Cadet Canadian Armed Forces CIC
  • Explosive Device Detection and Handling
  • Security and Protection Specialist
  • Diploma in Private Security
  • Former Director of Security Operations, Upper Canada Casinos Inc
  • Emergency Medical Technician, State of Michigan, Tri Hospital EMS (2006)
  • Certificate in Fire Service Leadership, Dalhousie University (2006)

William Jaques SBStJ, A-EMCA, ACP

  • 2004 Base Hospital Physician Award for Excellence in Pre-hospital Care
  • Essex-Kent Base Hospital Program – Instructor (IV Program)
  • Ontario Advanced Care Paramedic (Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences - with honours)
  • Ontario EMCA/A-EMCA
  • Member of the Canadian Paramedic Association
  • Charter Member of the Ontario Paramedic Association
  • --Member International Mountain Bike Association
  • Founding Member Windsor Paramedic Bike Patrol Association
  • Serving Brother of the Order of St. John
  • St John Ambulance Priory Vote of Thanks
  • St. John Ambulance Bridge - Windsor/Essex appointed Corps Superintendent by
    National Headquarters (Commissioned Officer)
  • Niagara College, Welland, Ontario – Ambulance and Emergency Care Program


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